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ANPASSA takes the name from the Swedish word for "custom-made" and "adjusted" tactfully implying at the concept of the brand! The watchmaker is aspired to produce the high-end watches embodying the inventiveness, the top-notch technology and the exquisite craftsmanship. Excellent hand craftsmanship promises to elevate art to a new level.


By pushing the boundaries of innovation, ANPASSA purses a mission of producing high quality personalized watch integrating design, watchmaking artistry and exceptional expertise for all watch lovers and collectors, and creating a fascinating story behind the innovative piece.


We have been committed to promoting the heritage of the watch industry. Hoping that through sharing and learning, youngsters will feel an interest in watches.


In 2022, we were honored to be invited by Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School in organizing a personalized watchmaking workshop from design to manufacture and completion of a watch for students and parents in which we have personally brought equipment and tools to the school.


We have also been organizing various experience workshops for the general public to participate. The purpose of the activity is not only to share clock knowledge; but to hope that through the workshop, one can feel a self-challenge in success and failure, which the most important value of life is to understand in success or failure.


In 2019 and 2021, ANPASSA collaborated with the Youth College, a member of VTC Group, for the training program organized for its Vocational Diploma (Mechanical Engineering) and (Watchmaking) students for free.


After six consecutive Saturdays and approximately 40 hours of hands-on training, students learned and experienced design, polishing, enamel processing, technology, and data application, movement changes, homemade components, and dozens of production processes. Students will eventually be able to personally produce and complete their own watch. At the same time, they will also learn to share and exchange watchmaking stories through different platforms and adopt a new generation of electronic sales models. This is an innovative career path so that young people can no longer only rely on a single way after taking courses, such as looking for work in the direction of watch repair. Through professional and innovative education, as well as a new business model to prepare for the new generation, we hope to continue to shine and develop the manufacturing and sales industry chain of the new generation.

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